Play is my business. Doesn't that sound like the best job ever? I am also a researcher at heart, but never really considered studying play. I mean, you just have fun, right? Well, our brains have a lot more to say about play than that.

Dr. Stuart Brown in my new hero. He has been the pioneer and spent his career studying play. He has defined play as purposeless and something where you lose track of time. Reading that as a grown adult- I thought, €œWell play is for kids and they have the time to do something purposeless and lose time. But for those over 18- come on! Get to work and certainly don't lose track of time!€ I've been proven I'm wrong.

Even though I have a toy company and love to play with Glow Dough every day, I have been more focused on the business aspect- the work- rather than the brain or fun aspect. I had no idea how good play is for your brain. Actually, it's essential. Very interesting! Scientists have now proven that play helps shape our brains. In animals,the area of the brain stem where sleep is functioning is also the area where playis. So playis as important as sleep!

Duringplay is when children learn values, skills, and creativity. Researchers are studying play and the absence of play now more than ever before because they see the significance of it.

I better get playing, and so should you!