Glow Dough was created way back in the 70's by my father Gary Hansen. He is a research scientist and when he made this dough at work, he thought, €œMy kids would love this!€ So what would a good dad do, bring it home for us to play with! At the time it did not glow in the dark or have coloring, but the gel was so fun we loved it! In 1991 I was 22 and married. My father asked me if I would like to bring back the childhood toy and try to sell it to stores? My brother, sister and I created a company named GLOW TEC INC. We started with one simple product called GLOW DOUGH. I took it to a specialty toy store near my home. The owner loved it and helped me sell it across the country and that €˜s how it all began. In my journal I found where I took it to school in 1978, so now almost 40 years later, I still take it to schools to share how awesome science is and let the kids in the class make their own Glow Dough. I love watching the kids learn about science and how fun it can be. This world is a pretty amazing place and so much we can learn about €“ all I have to do is add a little bit of play into it!

This picture is from 1991 making some of our first batches of GLOW DOUGH original.

1991 Glow Dough

Now it’s 28 years later and we are all still having fun playing with Glow Dough!