Tips To Create Balance In Life- Look Up!

When I started yoga 15 years ago, balance was really hard for me. I would look down at my feet telling them to be stable or as I got better, I would stare at a mark on the wood in front of my toes trying to improve this new balancing act. I tried not to get frustrated when I saw others who could stand looking solid as a rock. I knew this was a long process and I had to go at my own pace. It showed me that we are all on our own journey and we can’t compare ourselves to our neighbor- on or off the yoga mat.

yoga balance

Slowly over the next five years, I got better at balancing and started to move my gaze upwards. It was harder at that time to look forward and keep my balance. In class, there is usually a mirror in the front of the room. If I focused on myself I would waver because I can’t focus on something that’s a moving target. Now that I was looking forward I could stand upright much straighter and it made the poses easier. Why was I looking down so long?!

Over the next 10 years, I learned that each day is different. I was learning tips to create balance in life. First of all,I had to be kind to my body. On days that I wasn’t feeling well or something was weighing on my mind, I couldn’t balance well at all. Second, I realized that my mind and balance go hand in hand. On the days when I felt in tune and my mind, body, and spirit were in balance, I would look up higher at the wall.

One particular day in yoga I felt good inside and was looking at something ahead to focus on. Next, I thought I would try something more difficult. I shut my eyes. Darkness is the most challenging place for me to find balance, my mind has to be really strong. But I did it for a minute.

Then a thought came to my head that hadn’t ever crossed my mind before. It was LOOK UP. That sounded hard. When I looked up to the ceiling in this dark room, I saw a tiny light shining through the roof above me. Even though it was small, it seemed to grab me. Light was easy to focus on. It made me steady and strong and it hit me to the core. I felt tears come to my eyes at this special moment… look up for strength and light.

This symbolized my life so well! For many years I had been looking down and could not see very far ahead. I was trying to balance things from a place that was physically impossible. Later I looked at the world around me for balance in my life. I compared myself to others and tried to figure out where I fit in. Then I was in darkness and was looking within for answers. I found my soul even though it was the hardest time of my life. Finally, I opened my eyes, gazed upwards and found what I needed all along! Look toward God for the light and let it fill me up. All I had to do was LOOK UP!I don’t need to do all of this on my own. All I need to do is be open and I will be shown the light.

From all my tips to create balance in life, this is the best one…LOOK UP! It’s how I find a feeling of peace in my life. In the LIGHT all things are possible.