when do I change my social media status?

This a question I hear all the time…

When is the best time to change my social media status from married to widow?

This is a big one even though that may sound crazy. It’s kind of like telling people some deep stuff that’s in your heart or where you are at in the grieving process. The simple answer is when YOU want to! But let’s get into this a little bit more.

On Facebook, when your loved one passes away you can change their personal profile page to “memorialized”. On some accounts when you do this it automatically changes your status from Married, but it wasn’t for everyone. One plus to changing their page to a memorial page is that you don’t have to tell everyone that your loved one has passed. I found that even 6 months after my husband died, some people had no idea and asked how he was doing. Once again, put in an awkward situation.

Others have changed their status when their status changes with another person- like when they are in a relationship or engaged. Some people I know change their status when they are ready to start dating or want to move forward with someone.

Then again, some widows and widowers still think of themselves as married and never want to change their status. I’ve heard people say, “I still wear my ring, I am still married, he is just residing in Heaven.”

No matter what people are telling you what to do, do what you feel good about. It’s all up to you!