you can reprogram your brain every day to be positive


I have been studying the brain. It’s so amazing and scientists are proving more things every day!

What is the subconscious mind? It’s something we have heard a lot about lately.

In order to gain some degree of control over your subconscious mind you first need to understand how it operates. One of the most important aspects of the subconscious mind is that it will always attempt to do what it thinks it needs to protect you. This means both protecting you from physical danger but also an emotional danger as well. Above we saw how many people have a fear-based program that runs in their subconscious brain when they have to give a speech in public. Often people will have had an experience when they were younger when they had to give a speech. They may have felt embarrassed or uncomfortable or perhaps they were even teased. As a result the subconscious mind now seeks to protect them from some emotional distress whenever the chance to give a speech arises. The subconscious mind will tell you that giving a speech is a bad idea and to be avoided. While it is seeking to protect you it may also be limiting your potential. These kinds of ego protection patterns can be formed in many areas of our lives including our relationships or how we value certain things such as money. Now what we need to do is be able to see the difference and change what we tell ourselves each day- minute by minute and hour by hour.

It is proven now that you can reprogram your brain every day to be positive. Try it. You’ll like it.