you honor what I have lost

When I go to the store, park, or any public place, I watch how couples treat each other. I watch how adults talk to their children. I think it’s so interesting. Years ago I heard a dad yelling, like a crazy maniac, at his child on the next aisle over. I looked over and saw it was just a young child- maybe 3 or 4 years old. I was scared and I was an adult! I was really tempted to get on the phone/ loudspeaker and say, “Patience needed on aisle 3!” It hurt my heart. I thought if he talks this way in public, what is going on inside their home?!

On the other hand, many times I have seen people treat each other so kindly. I have seen moms stop, get down on the child’s level, and talk to their kids in a sweet voice even when the child is freaking out.

What I love most is seeing a guy treat his wife with incredible respect and love. When I was a widow at age 40, it really hit home. I would tell people, “Hold your loved ones a little closer today, give them a big squeeze, and tell them how much you care because you never know when it will be the last time.”

Death has made me realize that each day is a gift. What a blessing to know this! I will never take ONE day for granted. Each day I wake up I feel so lucky to wake up to a loving husband and know I have a bunch of kids living here at my home. This is peace to me. I know it sounds crazy because it is chaos much of the time, but it’s peace to have each of them in my life.

My greatest wish would be for everyone to live each day to the fullest. Love deeply and give that love away.

I love listening to Brene Brown. She is my latest hero because she speaks my language. She was talking about loss and I realized something about me, I LOVE seeing people be grateful for what they have.

This says it perfectly for me… “If I can see you being grateful for what you have, that helps me heal. Because when you honor what you have, you honor what I have lost.”


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