I choose you

Matt- I choose YOU! Over and over again I would choose YOU! 

Remember before kids how we could stay up late and get up late? Oh ya, we have never been together without kids. Hopefully, someday we can have a real date without kids and maybe even an empty-nester honeymoon!

Blending isn’t the easiest way to start a marriage. Even those who have a honeymoon baby have 9 months alone, but not us. What I loved about you right off was what a good dad you are. You love to talk with the kids as often as possible and know where they are – physically and emotionally. I appreciate you being kind and trying to move past the negative.

I have learned a ton living with you. I’m still guessing how you will act and what you will say in different situations, so you’ve still got me guessing. My heart still races when I hear your car pull into the garage. I love figuring out all of this crazy life with you. Through thick and thin,

I choose you, my love!

matt and marcie lyons wedding

Matt & Marcie 9-9-09