is your computer screen clutteredIs your computer desktop screen cluttery? Here’s how to fix it for good…

As life keeps ticking I realize that I don’t do very well with clutter. I have tried to be ok with “the mess” at different seasons of my life, but as I really get to know ME, I do much better with things organized. That’s not to say that everything is always clean- that’s how I know that I don’t do well with it disorganized!

As I have cleaned my spaces and others who ask for my help, I have found a method in the chaos! It does take time and thought, but then it’s so much better and doesn’t take very much to keep it in order.

My computer desktop is just the same as the rest of my spaces and has found much of the same methods work here. This isn’t something a professional organizer can easily do for you since it is so personal, so I will show YOU how to dive in and do it right.


  1. Move your files into certain areas of your computer screen by category. You will start to notice that things can go together like KIDS, PERSONAL, WORK, HOME IDEAS, etc. You can start with just 4 or 5 to make it easier and we will get them more organized as we go.
  2. Make NEW FOLDERS that have the name of these categories you came up with. This is really cool because on a computer you don’t have to keep throwing away labels with chalk writing on them. You can change your mind many times to what you should name the folder!
  3. Place the items in the category folders as you go.
  4. Make sure every item on your desktop goes into a folder.
  5. Right now your computer screen should look amazing with only a handful of folders. (You can stop here if your brain has had quite enough!)


  1. Open one of the folders, such as KIDS, and take everything out of it onto the desktop once again.
  2. Move all of the items into categories around your screen. For example, if you stuck a bunch of stuff under kids, now you can start organizing these things into maybe your kid’s names or whatever else fits.
  3. Start making NEW FOLDERS that will go within this main category. Under KIDS I created a folder with all of my kids’ names and then another one that says IMPORTANT KID DOCUMENTS. If you name them pretty specifically it will be easier to find them when doing a search later.
  4. Make sure every item goes in a folder.
  5. You may notice that one category is so big, you could divide it in two or more, so do it. I started out by putting all of my work into a folder then divided it later into my 3 companies.
  6. Put the folders back into the main category folder (KIDS) and set that folder that is all organized aside.
  7. Organize the folders with every category. For my company Glow Dough I divided it into 6 categories- social media, current projects, videos, ideas, vendors, and products. Then I put them back into the main folder WORK – Glow Dough.

Your desktop should look amazing now with only a few folders on it. Now your computer world is organized!

One thing that helps me is having my desktop screen be kind of plain. It’s easier on my eyes and feels cleaner.

I also have a backup drive that I move tons of folders to that I don’t need right now.

When I have something I am working on I leave it out on my desktop until it is complete. Then find a folder it matches with or create a new one.

I created a desktop screen picture today on (my fav website in the whole world) that is simple and helps me keep things in certain areas.I added my favorite quote right now so I see it all day. Now I move my folders within the rectangle to keep me more organized.

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